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Peter Roebuck 1956-2011

This website is dedicated to the memory of Peter Roebuck, the finest cricket writer and commentator of his generation.

Memories of Peter Roebuck

Batting for Combined UniversitiesCricket in the Parks

There were many occasions when I watched from the boundary in the Parks in Oxford, when Peter was playing there. What I recall is how rude all the men were on those occasions when I wanted to send messages to him. I couldn’t speak to him if he was waiting to bat or had finished batting because I wasn’t allowed in the pavilion.


Devon County Cricket Club 1995Devon Memories

Peter Roebuck was a brilliant captain. Probably the best I played with. He was not conventional and would have been horrified to have been described as such. His idea of a warm up revolved around ‘off you go then and do what you have to’, while his ability to hover at breakfast and cast an eye over those entering and then to make an assumption of the length of time they had been out the previous night was legendary.


Roebuck with new head gear

The Roebuck File (1990)

Taken from Peter Roebuck’s Benefit Year Brochure in 1990 when he was playing for Somerset County Cricket Club. Cricketing facts about Peter Roebuck’s career to that date.


Roebuck bowling deliveryRoebuck Cricket Stats

Cricket statistics of Peter Roebuck’s career up to 1990 – his benefit year when playing for Somerset County Cricket Club. Data includes stats for his time playing for Cambridge University and First Class Match Statistics.