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Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck 1956-2011

This website is dedicated to the memory of Peter Roebuck, the finest cricket writer and commentator of his generation.

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Peter Roebuck



The Somerset Affair

Somerset Affair

1986 And All That

A Selection of Articles Written by Peter Roebuck

IPL is a Mixed Blessing

23 April 2011. IPL’s fourth edition has been going along at a rollicking pace. Packed grounds, excited spectators, new teams and vibrant contests have been its hallmarks. The sight of Sachin Tendulkar at the top of the scoring list, too, confirms that truly great cricketers can meet all challenges. Suffice it to say that IPL […]

Aboriginal Cricket on the Rise

Feb 16, 2007: A scorching sun was sending shimmers across Albrecht Oval in Alice Springs. The Macdonnel range was providing a glorious, barren, ancient backdrop. South Australia was chasing 218 on a field turned green by recent rains that broke a five year drought and caused The Todd to flood  Queensland had plundered 80 runs […]

A Short-sighted Decision by India

12 June, 2010. India’s decision not to send a team to the Asian Games soon to get underway in China is short-sighted. Here was a rare opportunity for the two great and growing powers of the sporting and wider world to join forces on a cricket field. And it was spurned. China worked hard, built […]

Peter Roebuck wrote regularly for several newspapers and cricketing publications, including ESPN Cricinfo, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Hindu and The Cricketer. You can read many of his articles on this website.

View all cricket articles, nominate your favourite article, read the Featured Article: Made in Guyana.

Memories and Stories of Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck’s family, friends and colleagues have written their memories and stories of him. Read about his time as a child, at school and university, through to his cricketing, writing and commentating career. Also included here are articles and stories written by Peter Roebuck and others for his Benefit Year Brochure at Somerset CCC in 1990. (Four random articles are shown here.)

SCCC The Great Team

Act 3 Scene 2 – The Great Team Peter bought a small house in Monkton Heathfield which became his base. It was just outside Taunton, a convenient 30 minutes’ drive from Street. He could easily slip home, and his family could easily visit him. It was also handy for the Somerset County Cricket Ground. He […]

Combined Harvesters

by Peter Roebuck I was fortunate in one aspect of my career. I played in the blessed eleven from Oxford and Cambridge which went to Barnsley, of all places and beat the might of Yorkshire. It was one of those experiences a fellow cannot forget. And yet its origins were mild and unsuspecting. None of […]

Family Memories

Celebrating Peter Roebuck’s Life This family page has a series of happy scenes that Peter shared with one or more of his family. Each of his brothers and sisters has written a personal anecdote which occurred during the part of Peter’s life when he/she felt closest to him. His mother has written the first happy […]

Sporting Bodymind

by John Syer Over the past ten years our consultancy has worked with 29 different sports in Britain, the Continent and the USA. Despite a successful period with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club from 1980-85 it is our experience that in Britain the more traditional the sport the less the nature and benefits of mental training […]

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