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Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck 1956-2011

This website is dedicated to the memory of Peter Roebuck, the finest cricket writer and commentator of his generation.

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The Somerset Affair

Somerset Affair

1986 And All That

Peter Roebuck



A Selection of Articles Written by Peter Roebuck

Aboriginal Cricket on the Rise

Feb 16, 2007: A scorching sun was sending shimmers across Albrecht Oval in Alice Springs. The Macdonnel range was providing a glorious, barren, ancient backdrop. South Australia was chasing 218 on a field turned green by recent rains that broke a five year drought and caused The Todd to flood  Queensland had plundered 80 runs […]

Australians Too Good in All Areas

May 5, 2007: Australia was overwhelmingly the best run side at the 2007 World Cup. As ever the deeds of champions can be instructive. By no means did Ricky Ponting have a bunch of supermen at his disposal. To the contrary the Australians looked vulnerable, arriving with their tails between their legs, not an easy […]

Learning by Degrees

23 November 2007 Over the years cricket has not handled throwing well. Thankfully that seems to be changing, if slowly. Throwing has been the most emotional topic the game has known. Considering the fury of the argument, it might be imagined that batting was in peril and practitioners were constantly taking blows from some demonic […]

Peter Roebuck wrote regularly for several newspapers and cricketing publications, including ESPN Cricinfo, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Hindu and The Cricketer. You can read many of his articles on this website.

View all cricket articles, nominate your favourite article, read the Featured Article: Made in Guyana.

Memories and Stories of Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck’s family, friends and colleagues have written their memories and stories of him. Read about his time as a child, at school and university, through to his cricketing, writing and commentating career. Also included here are articles and stories written by Peter Roebuck and others for his Benefit Year Brochure at Somerset CCC in 1990. (Four random articles are shown here.)

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Opening the Innings

by Peter Roebuck It’s Brian Rose’s fault that I open the innings. He is to blame. We were in Sheffield, sipping Zambuca with flaming coffee beans in it, around which we clustered as Eskimos around a log fire. Rose mentioned my equable temperament, secure technique and manifest heroism. It occurred to me that he was […]

We Already Knew He Could Bat

Graeme Hick in 1988 by Peter Roebuck In 1895 one Archie MacLaren arrived in Taunton to meet a Somerset XI led by Sammy Woods, a local legend. Archie hadn’t faced any bowler over 14 years of age for five weeks, but his dad was in the crowd so he wanted to do well. Only by […]

Books by Peter Roebuck

More Important Than Life or Death (2013) ISBN 1743313195 by Peter FitzSimons (Author),‎ Greg Growden (Contributor) Although not written by Peter Roebuck, this book is included here because it contains several articles written by Peter Roebuck, including his last article. The book contains some of the best sports stories written by Australia’s top sports writers. The author, Peter FitzSimons, is […]

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