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Articles Written by Peter Roebuck

Peter Roebuck cricket journalist

Peter wrote about cricket like no other. Most say that his newspaper articles were the pinnacle of his writing, as he would just wing them off in his peerless prose, dissecting his subjects with his unique style.

Below is a collection of his articles written for the Melbourne newspaper The Age; the Sydney Morning Herald; and ESPN Cricinfo. Following this link you can find all the articles Peter Roebuck wrote for

Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan SinghSingh

It was an Outstanding Show by the Indians

08 January 2011. India’s feat in securing a drawn series in South Africa counts amongst the most outstanding in its history. It is an indication of the team’s maturity and high expectations that the response was slightly muted. Admittedly a draw is not to be mistaken for a victory but all things considered it was […]

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Neville Cardus

Cricket as a Means of Liberation

1st January 2011. Decades ago it was said of Neville Cardus that he “changed the course of the writing of cricket. He showed what could be done. He dignified and illuminated the task.” Cardus’s ability to combine music and cricket, his insights into character, his images and asides, the sheer quality of his prose, altered […]

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Graeme Smith cricketer

Older, Wiser, Leader

9th July 2008. Graeme Smith embarks upon his second series in England as a more rounded character blessed with a more established game. Not that he did so badly last time. To the contrary his visit five years ago surpassed all expectations. Smith managed to turn a suspicious and fraught team containing a variety of […]

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Indian cricket fans in Melbourne

Prepare or Perish

18 December 2010. India’s preparations for the match underway at Centurion were threadbare. No sooner had a one-day and Test series against New Zealand been completed than the players were packed onto a plane and sent to a distant continent full of hostile creatures, some of them able to aim cricket balls at their bodies […]

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Kevin Pietersen

What is Wrong with the English?

28 June 2008. At no point in the last 50 years has the country that invented the game stood at the top of the rankings. They have only themselves to blame. Kevin Pietersen’s nomination as captain of the England side confirms that the game in the land of its origin has come to a pretty […]

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English cricket team in Brisbane 1928

England’s Performance was its Best

10 December 2010. Ponting’s dreams of recapturing the Ashes sit on the brink of ruin. India and South Africa will be playing for first place in the rankings when their series begins, but they need to listen for footsteps because England is on its way! Andrew Strauss and pals have the ability and ambition to […]

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Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Made in Guyana

11 June 2008. Shivnarine Chanderpaul is a self-made man and player, shaped by circumstances and will, his technique not so much odd as original. Shivnarine Chanderpaul provides a notable counterpoint to the contemporary game. At once he is inimitable and timeless – no more a product of his period than a kitchen clock, and yet […]

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Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium

The Impact of an India-Australia Brand

2 October 2010. As part of the deal whereby they secured an interest in the Champions League, the Australians promised to visit these shores once a year. Accordingly, Ricky Ponting has brought his team along for this curious little series. India and Australia need to take care not to turn an epic into a soap […]

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Kieron Pollard batting

Champions League could Renew Optimism

11 September 2010. Thankfully cricket is back. Everyone has had enough of the scandals. Cricket is at the mercy of its players and administrators. It is a glorious game that can be spoilt only by its supposed stewards. Selfishness is the enemy. Cricket’s creed includes the notion that team and game come before the individual. […]

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Graeme Hick

Graeme Hick: Monumental Run-scorer, Unfulfilled Promise

Graeme Hick, who celebrates his birthday on May 23, was a giant in county cricket, who struggled to transfer his talent to the biggest stage. In the 1999 edition of Wisden, Peter Roebuck reflected on his career. Upon the abandonment of the match in which he scored his 100th hundred, Graeme Hick walked across a damp […]

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Mohammad Asif

Cricket Adjusts to its Times but Retains its Essence

28 August 2010. Cricket is a game of skill. Observers can talk all they like about how the game has changed but in the end it all comes back to technique and temperament. Every generation thinks it has invented the wheel. Newspapers, films, telephones have been consigned to the rubbish dump but all remain intact. iPods […]

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni and Comrades Deserve Praise

7 August 2010. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and comrades deserve commendation for their fightback in Colombo. It was a rotten toss to lose and the Indians might easily have dropped their heads. Instead they worked hard and looked sharper and it took a splendidly defiant ninth-wicket partnership to stop them romping to victory with a day […]

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First Asian Games opening ceremony

A Short-sighted Decision by India

12 June, 2010. India’s decision not to send a team to the Asian Games soon to get underway in China is short-sighted. Here was a rare opportunity for the two great and growing powers of the sporting and wider world to join forces on a cricket field. And it was spurned. China worked hard, built […]

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Suresh Raina

India was Lame and Tame

15 May 2010. India’s wretched performance in the Caribbean was a rude awakening. Defeat is part of any game but sometimes its manner is so telling that a strong response is required. For the second time in a few weeks, India has been forced to undergo a period of severe self scrutiny and for a […]

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The Pavilion at Old Trafford 2009

Dampening the Spirit

5 September, 2009. It was ridiculous to let a wet patch scuttle a match, writes Peter Roebuck Nothing has been more ridiculous in the last few weeks than the sight of highly paid cricketers solemnly prodding the ground at Old Trafford. Throughout they looked as serious as Colombo examining a crime scene. A packed house […]

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Cricketer Brian Lara

The Lara Miracle

May 1999. Brian Lara has played one of the greatest innings in the history of the game. Certainly his match-winning and mouth-watering 153 not out at Kensington Oval was the best innings of its type it has been my privilege to watch. Perhaps it was the best of any sort. Throughout a long, hot fifth […]

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Mike Atherton

Mike Atherton: the finest English batsman of his era

Upon Mike Atherton’s retirement, the 2002 Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack carried this tribute by Peter Roebuck. Throughout the 1990s Michael Atherton was the face of English cricket. Head still, eyes wary, left elbow high and feet moving neatly into position, he dedicated himself to the tasks of scoring runs, resisting bowlers and protecting his team’s position. For […]

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Glenn McGrath

Twenty20 is Cricket Too

May 14, 2008. The IPL has shown that the shortest version provides as many insights, dramas and stories as any other form of the game. The IPL continues to provide rich revelation of character. Twenty20 continues to offer a hundred short stories in the space of a few hours. Like all sport it is about […]

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Michael Hussey

Four Thumbs Up

May 1, 2008.  The IPL has showcased a high standard of cricket, emphasised sportsmanship, fostered camaraderie, and treated spectators right. More power to it. Alhough still in its infancy, and therefore capable of experiencing a troubled adolescence and disappointing adulthood, the IPL has so far surpassed expectations. Reports indicate that India has been in a […]

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ICC executive meeting 2008

The Darkest Hour

16 April 2008. The mishandling of the Zimbabwe crisis is perhaps the most shameful chapter in the ICC’s history. Cricket has plunged into the darkest period in its history. Never can the game have so disgraced itself as it did at the most recent ICC meeting. Presented with an opportunity to confront the malign in […]

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Brett Lee bowling

Service with a Smile

March 26, 2008. Not the least of Brett Lee’s achievements this summer has been how he has managed to keep his temper and dignity while all about him were losing theirs. Brett Lee deserved every plaudit that came his way in 2007-08. Everyone held him in high regard. From the first ball to the last, […]

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Indian cricket fans in Melbourne

India in the Lights

March 12, 2008. Their tour of Australia showed that India’s time has come, both on the field and off it. Over the years India has been colonised, scorned and patronised. Inevitably, the hackles of its more abrasive citizens have periodically been raised. Always the struggle is between earnest reformers and rankled revolutionaries. It can happen […]

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