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Articles that Peter Roebuck wrote for ESPN Cricinfo (ESPN Sports Media Ltd).

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Made in Guyana

11 June 2008. Shivnarine Chanderpaul is a self-made man and player, shaped by circumstances and will, his technique not so much odd as original. Shivnarine Chanderpaul provides a notable counterpoint to the contemporary game. At once he is inimitable and timeless – no more a product of his period than a kitchen clock, and yet […]

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Glenn McGrath

Twenty20 is Cricket Too

May 14, 2008. The IPL has shown that the shortest version provides as many insights, dramas and stories as any other form of the game. The IPL continues to provide rich revelation of character. Twenty20 continues to offer a hundred short stories in the space of a few hours. Like all sport it is about […]

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Michael Hussey

Four Thumbs Up

May 1, 2008.  The IPL has showcased a high standard of cricket, emphasised sportsmanship, fostered camaraderie, and treated spectators right. More power to it. Alhough still in its infancy, and therefore capable of experiencing a troubled adolescence and disappointing adulthood, the IPL has so far surpassed expectations. Reports indicate that India has been in a […]

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ICC executive meeting 2008

The Darkest Hour

16 April 2008. The mishandling of the Zimbabwe crisis is perhaps the most shameful chapter in the ICC’s history. Cricket has plunged into the darkest period in its history. Never can the game have so disgraced itself as it did at the most recent ICC meeting. Presented with an opportunity to confront the malign in […]

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Brett Lee bowling

Service with a Smile

March 26, 2008. Not the least of Brett Lee’s achievements this summer has been how he has managed to keep his temper and dignity while all about him were losing theirs. Brett Lee deserved every plaudit that came his way in 2007-08. Everyone held him in high regard. From the first ball to the last, […]

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Indian cricket fans in Melbourne

India in the Lights

March 12, 2008. Their tour of Australia showed that India’s time has come, both on the field and off it. Over the years India has been colonised, scorned and patronised. Inevitably, the hackles of its more abrasive citizens have periodically been raised. Always the struggle is between earnest reformers and rankled revolutionaries. It can happen […]

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Rahul Dravid batting

Stuck in the Middle

February 27, 2008. Batsmen in what should be their most prolific years are more prone to falling prey to the weight of expectations, and thereby being brought face to face with their limitations. As a breed, batsmen are haunted by the prospect of failure. It hardens them, tightens them, sometimes exhausts them. A centre-forward unable […]

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Mitchell Johnson bowling against India in 2010

Australia not charred by the Ashes

9 November 2011: Things don’t seem as dismal as they did in January. And that’s because some tough and necessary decisions have been taken. Australia start a pathetically short Test series in South Africa with more hope than foreboding. A year ago the Poms arrived in Perth and were astonished to be informed by locals […]

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Marcus Trescothick

Cricketers Open Up

February 13, 2008. It is a mark of maturity that the likes of Shaun Tait, Lou Vincent and Marcus Trescothick have made public their turmoil. In the space of a few weeks two prominent and respected cricketers have broken ranks with the macho presentation that has long been part and parcel of the sporting ethic, […]

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Sachin Tendulkar

Come Together

January 31, 2008. India needs to stop acting like an aggrieved outsider and take up the responsibility that comes with power. Australia needs to understand that its teams are supposed to set an example. For the good of the game, the two have to find a common language. India and Australia have been going hard […]

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Kumar Sangakkara

The all-round art of Sangakkara

16 September 2011: Balanced yet intense, ruthless in his need to succeed, always contributing to his team’s cause, he is among the finest cricketers Sri Lanka has produced. Kumar Sangakkara counts among the most polished and prudent of batsmen. Nothing catches the eye about his work except its consistency and efficiency. Although he pulls and cuts […]

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Harbhajan Singh

What Price Justice?

January 30, 2008: If this is the way the Indian board intends to conduct its affairs hereafter, then God help cricket. India’s performance in chartering a plane to take the players back home in the event of an independent judge finding against them in the Harbhajan Singh case counted amongst the most nakedly aggressive actions […]

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Adam Gilchrist

Craftsman and Cavalier

January 26, 2008. Adam Gilchrist has given more outright joy to followers of the game than any cricketer since Sir Garfield Sobers. He will be missed as a cricketing force, as a contributor and as an entertainer. Throughout his career he has played with a gusto that has set him apart from the common run […]

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Matthew Hayden

Hayden’s Hundred an Act of Will

January 26, 2008. Matthew Hayden’s hundred at the Adelaide Oval was an act of will. From the moment he walked to the crease he steeled himself to construct a massive score. Forced to watch the Perth Test from the sidelines, he suffered as his team slipped to defeat. He spent the first two days of […]

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Indian cricket team

Raise your sights, India

2 January 2008. The world’s most fanatical cricket nation must get serious about long-term success in the game and doing whatever that takes. India faces a stark challenge in the years that lie ahead. Not once in 60 years of independence has this cricketing powerhouse attained top ranking in its chosen game. Certainly, it has […]

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3rd Test Perth 2006

The Aussie Way

19 December 2007. Australian cricket is fierce, attacking and spirited. In many ways it reflects the country’s origins and history. A tour to Australia counts amongst the most challenging experiences cricket has to offer. Teams visiting the antipodes and returning with the spoils are honoured. Englishmen coming back from an Ashes triumph in 1928-29 were […]

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Harold Larwood

A Man Undefeated

5 December 2007. A working man without ego or vanity, Harold Larwood, having beaten the Australians, went and joined them. Harold Larwood is my favourite cricketer because he was honest, modest, and the epitome of the properly raised working man. Nothing of the celebrity could be found in him, no hint of glamour or touch […]

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Brian Lara

Decline and Fall

4 December 2007. Self-indulgence and self-interest are to blame for West Indies’ present condition. Not long ago a rising West Indian batsman asked an old hand for help with his game. Since the elder was a selector, the youngster might have supposed that he’d be happy to offer advice. Not a bit of it. Instead […]

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Edwin J Tyler, cricketer for Somerset

Learning by Degrees

23 November 2007 Over the years cricket has not handled throwing well. Thankfully that seems to be changing, if slowly. Throwing has been the most emotional topic the game has known. Considering the fury of the argument, it might be imagined that batting was in peril and practitioners were constantly taking blows from some demonic […]

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Zimbabwe Cricket logo

In the Name of God, Go

17 November 2005. Peter Roebuck on why those running cricket in Zimbabwe have got to be swept aside. Evil does not know its name. Tatenda Taibu has been forced to flee his home. After holding his tongue through numerous abuses of power committed by the Zanu-PF heavies running cricket in his country, Zimbabwe’s captain joined […]

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