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Articles that Peter Roebuck wrote for The Hindu between September 2009 and January 2005.

Praveen Kumar Bowling

Dhoni needs to rethink his approach to the game

16 July 2011. Mahendra Singh Dhoni needs to rethink his approach to the game. As captain he is responsible for the conduct and strategies pursued by his team. Cricket’s laws are clear on that point. In other games captains are merely required to maintain morale. Cricketers spend most of their time on the field so […]

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Cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq

On This Day, 1992: South Africa’s farcical World Cup Exit

4th April 1992. On March 22, 1992, South Africa failed to book its berth in its maiden World Cup. The team was done in by the application of finicky rules, writes Peter Roebuck. In one of the most shambolic finishes of this illustrious game, South Africa was robbed of an opportunity to reach a World […]

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Kumar Sangakkara

Cricket Needs to Clean Up Its Act

9th July 2011. Sangakkara is made of sterner stuff Kumar Sangakkara has blown the bugle on cricket’s version of the Arab uprising. Nor can he be allowed to stand alone. It’s time for all good men to demand the highest standards from the game’s governors. And that requires due diligence, independent Board members, abolishing conflict […]

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Rahul Dravid

Never Underestimate Great Sportsmen

24 June 2011. Rahul Dravid has struck a mighty blow for the old-timers. His hundred in the Caribbean served two purposes, putting his team in a powerful position and reminding all and sundry that batsmen are better judged from their performances than from their birth certificates. Apparently his place had been in jeopardy. All sorts […]

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Keiron Pollard

Pollard’s Fortunes will be Closely Followed

10 June 2011. Kieron Pollard is at once a struggling cricketer and hot property. It is a curious dichotomy born of T20. Suddenly money can be made not from the most demanding part of the game but from an amusing sideshow. In golfing terms the imposing West Indian is making his living not from the […]

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Anil Kumble

Role of Influential Seniors Crucial

15 May 2011. India and Australia have been especially lucky in their senior players. Never has the importance of senior players been more apparent. Teams can be undermined as much by jealousy and laziness as by incompetence. Captains are responsible for the performance of cricket teams but without proper backing from influential players, they walk […]

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Steve Waugh

The Many Faces of Steve Waugh

2002. In his most candid interview ever, ‘Ice Man’ Steve Waugh talks to Peter Roebuck about everything from backyard cricket and his parents to car-jacking. Steve, I first saw you play in Sydney for CHS… in ’83, I reckon. What type of person were you? Actually, you’d met me before that. You coached me during […]

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Shane Warne bowling

IPL is a Mixed Blessing

23 April 2011. IPL’s fourth edition has been going along at a rollicking pace. Packed grounds, excited spectators, new teams and vibrant contests have been its hallmarks. The sight of Sachin Tendulkar at the top of the scoring list, too, confirms that truly great cricketers can meet all challenges. Suffice it to say that IPL […]

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Kumar Sangakkara

Inspiration is Sport’s Primary Purpose

16 April 2011. Never underestimate sport’s ability to inspire. Certainly it also provides opportunity and entertainment. It is, too, an outlet for youthful energies that might otherwise be directed into less savoury activities. Now and then a noted sportsman stoops but it’s a small price to pay. Overwhelmingly sport takes the sting out of young […]

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Kevin O'Brien

Top Five Moments of the WC

2 April 2011. 1. The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan shaking hands. Sport cannot cure all the ailments of the world but it can open minds. Tensions had been high since the Mumbai bombings in 2008. Then India and Pakistan were drawn to meet in the semifinals of the World Cup. All sorts of […]

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Virender Sehwag

This World Cup has Surpassed Expectations

02 April 2011.  After long weeks of slow progress, India and Sri Lanka arrive weary and footsore in Mumbai with a single aim in mind – capturing the World Cup and so securing glory for their country and cricketing immortality for themselves. These entertaining and skilful sides have much in common, a reliance on spin, […]

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Afghanistan national cricket team

An Insult to the Associate Teams

16 March 2011. Between them the Associate teams scored 523 runs on Sunday. Unused to facing top class bowling or playing in front of large crowds they still managed to give an excellent account of themselves. Nor were they playing the weaker sides. Canada reached 261 against the Kiwis. Kenya attained 262 against mighty Australia. […]

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Kemar Roach

Focus Should be More on the Present

5 March 2011. The crushing defeats suffered by Zimbabwe and Bangladesh in the latest round of matches confirm that the line drawn between Test and the rest is artificial and requires review. Certainly, it ought to revive debate about dividing the top 12 nations into leagues with promotion and relegation permitted. Granting Test status is […]

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ICC cricket world cup logo 2011

Opening Ceremony Surpasses Expectations

19 February 2011. The decision to sack the Associates from the 2015 tournament counts amongst the worst taken by any sport. Forty years ago George Harrison organised a concert for Bangladesh. Bob Dylan and Ravi Shankar played, and the Indian maestro teased his American audience by saying that since they liked his tuning up so […]

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Daunting Task Ahead of Dhoni

12 February 2011. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has an immense task on his hands. Of course it is only a sporting task and not to be compared to clearing up Brazil after floods or Queensland after a cyclone. However, the challenge is not to be underestimated. Emotions are going to be pitched high. On paper India’s […]

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Eden Gardens cricket ground

A Sad Jolt to Much-loved Ground

29th January 2011. Eden Gardens is one of the game’s best loved grounds. In terms of fame and atmosphere Lord’s and the MCG stand as its only rivals. Every cricket player in every touring team yearns for the opportunity to play in that teaming amphitheatre with 100,000 Indians intently following every ball. To walk along […]

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Brave New India

21 January 2011. Dhoni’s side has acquired the ability to will itself to victory, writes Peter Roebuck India’s fighting spirit bodes well for its prospects in the coming World Cup. Twice Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team has managed to scrape across the line in South Africa and on each occasion the players have celebrated exuberantly. Both […]

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Indian Premier League match

IPL, Entertainment Posing as a Game

15 January 2011. India’s hopes of winning the forthcoming World Cup have been badly damaged by the latest IPL auction. Of course the two are connected. Morale is critical in any team. Moreover a community with a compromised culture cannot expect to conquer. The sight of respected men huddled alongside fripperies and jewels whilst bidding […]

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Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan SinghSingh

It was an Outstanding Show by the Indians

08 January 2011. India’s feat in securing a drawn series in South Africa counts amongst the most outstanding in its history. It is an indication of the team’s maturity and high expectations that the response was slightly muted. Admittedly a draw is not to be mistaken for a victory but all things considered it was […]

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Neville Cardus

Cricket as a Means of Liberation

1st January 2011. Decades ago it was said of Neville Cardus that he “changed the course of the writing of cricket. He showed what could be done. He dignified and illuminated the task.” Cardus’s ability to combine music and cricket, his insights into character, his images and asides, the sheer quality of his prose, altered […]

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Indian cricket fans in Melbourne

Prepare or Perish

18 December 2010. India’s preparations for the match underway at Centurion were threadbare. No sooner had a one-day and Test series against New Zealand been completed than the players were packed onto a plane and sent to a distant continent full of hostile creatures, some of them able to aim cricket balls at their bodies […]

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English cricket team in Brisbane 1928

England’s Performance was its Best

10 December 2010. Ponting’s dreams of recapturing the Ashes sit on the brink of ruin. India and South Africa will be playing for first place in the rankings when their series begins, but they need to listen for footsteps because England is on its way! Andrew Strauss and pals have the ability and ambition to […]

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