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Family Memories

Celebrating Peter Roebuck’s Life

This family page has a series of happy scenes that Peter shared with one or more of his family. Each of his brothers and sisters has written a personal anecdote which occurred during the part of Peter’s life when he/she felt closest to him. His mother has written the first happy anecdotes.  In these the actual timings and dates may not be strictly accurate. Some photos are included. They are taken from Family Albums.

There are scenes referring to the interlude in Peter’s life when he was employed as a Player and Captain of Somerset CCC. They do not include anecdotes from all those parts of the world where he was working during each off-season. Peter describes many of these in his book Sometimes I Forgot to Laugh published by Allen and Unwin, NSW, 2004, and in his 1986 Diary The Somerset Affair, soon to be published.

The Family section closes with Peter’s move to Australia.