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Who & Where?

Can you identify the match and players below?

Let us know if you can identify the match, year, any of the players and the trophy in the photographs below. We have been sent several photos of Peter Roebuck, some of which, like the ones below, very little is known.

We asked the above question back in November 2017. Thanks to information sent in by Patrick and Matthew it’s been possible to identify the players (see below).

Trophy presentation

Winning cricket team

Back row left to right: John Rhodes, Chris Read, Matthew Hunt, Andy Pugh, Keith Donoghue, Tim Ward, Kevin Barratt, Paul Warren, Nick Gaywood.

Front row left to right: Richard Coupe, Peter Roebuck, Gareth Townsend, Nick Folland.

It’s Devon County Cricket Club, and it’s thought that the match was the 1997 minor counties final played at Luton.

All the names above also correspond to Peter Roebuck’s hand written list (below), which is on the back of the team photo) with the addition of Stuart Magill, Andy Hele, Mark Woodman, Matt Wood and Gompertz and Ian Bond. There appears to be a ‘Webb’ and this may be Martin Webb, but that cannot be clarified.

The date of the list can be traced easily as Stuart Magill only played a small number of games in that season (before playing Test cricket for Australia).

Cricketer names

Please contact us if you have any further information on the above match and/or players involved.